How HappiestBaby uses Mockadillo

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We love to study
We love to study

About HappiestBaby

HappiestBaby is the company for smart baby cribs. With a big track record as one of the world’s best pediatricians, Dr. Harvey Carp has created what is one of the best smart baby crib on the market.

HappiestBaby also has a software department that makes the crib work the way it’s supposed to, a team that makes it’s beautiful apps, and a team that enables a flawless experience for customers during their retail and rental process.

Key Takeaways

  • Less work friction as there is no need to wait on cross team implementations.
  • Better API design as any issues are faced during design time or during early usage on mocked endpoints.
  • Better integration tests as Mockadillo is used throughout the pipeline to Mock any external service.
  • Faster development for faster teams.
  • Easier debugging as the entire API request response pipeline is easily inspected.
  • Easier error detection as error paths are easily simulated.

Issues the team faced

Sometimes, these teams have cross boundary features. Sometimes, these teams work at different speeds. Sometimes, the team that is ahead is not happy that the other team is lagging behind. This causes unnecessary workplace friction, and especially now, during COVID19, the stresses of issues at the workplace have a much greater impact on team cohesion, and on the individuals themselves.

How using Mockadillo helped

With Mockadillo, HappiestBaby has succeeded in detaching it’s teams during development of these features, and has enabled them to plan ahead of time.

Now, an API contract is defined, the request/response schemas, scenarios and error behaviors, and the teams get to work, not having to rely on any cross boundary work being completed.


The primary use case for Mockadillo at HappiestBaby is separating the UI work and Backend API. Starting with the requirements, the teams get together, design the API contracts and immediately the UI is rapidly developed before the backend development has even started. Second use case is integration tests. All of the services that the HB backend interacts with are mocked as this removes the need for creating junk in the original services, and guarantees that there is actual network interactions. Third use case is work done between different backend teams, as with many service oriented architectures, cross domain work is hard, when there is need for a quick implementation from the other team you are always left waiting until they have the time to implement something. This is easily resolved by mocking the initial implementation, until the other team completes their work.


Just by utilizing mocking, HappiestBaby is saving money, has a happier dev team, and is producing higher quality software. Mockadillo offers a lot more features that might be relevant for you, so feel free to give us a try by signing up for a free account or contact us so we can discuss how Mockadillo can improve your business.

Nenad Lukic Founder of Mockadillo and a firm believer in reducing any sources of friction and frustrations in the workplace.