Comparison of Mockadillo and Castle Mock

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Let’s see which is which
Let's see which is which

Article Overview

In this series of articles we will attempt to compare Mockadillo with several API mocking services. For this article, we will be comparing Mockadillo’s features and pricing against Castle Mock.

Castle Mock

Castle Mock is a basic self hosted tool that allows you to mock endpoints. With more control comes more responsibility though. Castle Mock is a fine solution if you don’t mind self hosted solutions, and as we support open source projects, you should definitely consider it. But for a small fee for a Basic plan, Mockadillo offers a lot more, and is easier to use. Plus you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure.

Feature overview

Feature Mockadillo Castle Mock
Hierarchy of elements Yes No
Binary responses Yes Yes
Generated response values Yes Yes
Long log retention Yes No
Team access control Yes No
Route conditions allowing fine grained control of responses Yes Yes
Visual conditions definition for responses Yes No
Route proxying to a different https endpoint Yes No
Response latency Yes No
CORS support by default Yes Yes
Import of API definitions Yes Yes
Authentication Yes No


So we can see that for a small fee, Mockadillo offers a lot more features, and doesn’t fall short in anything. Feel free to give us a try by signing up for a free account

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